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I don't see the "Share" button

Click the video camera icon located to the left of your browser's address bar
If you can’t locate this icon, don’t worry! Just send us a message and we’ll help get your audio/video set up ASAP!

screen screen What settings should I use ?

Set Up Your Audio / Video
When prompted, please click "Share Selected Devices" in the open tooltip on the left side of your browser.

Undo/RedoButtons to undo or redo your last action

Select toolselect items in the whiteboard (multiple selection is enabled as well)
Pen Menu

Pen toolFree draw in the whiteboard, you can select a stroke width to draw with

EraserYou can select one of three options:
1. Eraser: lets you erase pen drawings
2. Delete: lets you delete an object or group of objects
3. Clear All: clears the whiteboard

YouTube ShareYou can share a video with your students

ShapesDraw traditional shapes (circle, rectangle, triangle) and custom shapes on the whiteboard

TextAdd text to the whiteboard (you can also right click on the whiteboard to quickly add text)

Color PaletteChange the color of shapes, pen and texts

Graphing CalculatorAllows you to graph algebraic expressions

Math EditorAllows you to add custom math expressions to the whiteboard

Code EditorWrite source code in your favorite language (with syntax highlighting)

UploadUpload an image or pdf from your hard drive or search for an image on the internet and add it, (you can paste a copied image directly on to the whiteboard with the Ctrl + V)

Save whiteboardExport the current whiteboard as either PNG or JPG image or a PDF document

Switch BackgroundChange the whiteboard's background color to black/white
  Mute/unmute all audio

  Show/hide video feed

  Share your screen (plugin needs to be installed)
Launch our backup whiteboard, your students will get the link as well
  Report a problem you found while using the whiteboard

End the current session